Why Buy From Us?

We have helped thousands of satisfied customers find their dream cars, and have always listened to their feedback to continually improve ourselves. We are dedicated to offering you the best car purchasing experience possible and our sales staff is always reachable by email, telephone or fax. You can put your trust in Mehran Trading, we've been here for over thirty years and we plan on being here for a long long time!

Why Buy Used Cars From Japan?

Japanese cars are renowned to be very reliable, well engineered, durable, efficient and stylish. Established makers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi,Subaru, and others, have earned the trust of millions of buyers worldwide with excellent vehicles.

Now, Mehran Trading offers you a chance to get those vehicles directly from Japan at very cheap prices. Indeed, because of a law in Japan that requires motorists to have their car evaluated every few years at the expense of the owner (up to $5000!!), many Japanese opt to sell their cars instead and purchase a new one. This is a great opportunity for you the importer to get those cars at unbelievable prices!

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